Jennie (Robinson) Faber

I live in Toronto with my BFF Henry and magnificent mutt Bosley.

Baby Ghosts

2023- A nonprofit offering grants and studio development education to underrepresented studio founders.

Weird Ghosts

2021- An investment fund for early video game studios, founded by me and Eileen Mary Holowka.

Damage Labs

2020-2021 A studio startup investment readiness incubator program (with DMG).


2015-YES, WE'RE STILL HERE! 40,000 sq. ft. media arts centre built and run by our community. A building, a bankruptcy, the lawsuits and a political scandal!

Bit Bazaar

2013-2019 My bi-annual comics, zines, and games festival that ran for 10 editions at venues all over Toronto.

DMG Toronto


Co-founded this videogame arts nonprofit for gender-marginalized devs with Cecily Carver and Alex Leitch. 📸

(it was glorious for a while but it did not end well… 💔)

I am currently archiving as many of the microsites and projects I built for our programs as I can, as DMG has let the data rot and domains expire…

Gamma Space

2011- A care-centred, values-based, inclusive, and amazing community for indie game devs.

Before that…

TIFF, Bento Box Media, Business Objects/SAP, KTUU-TV Anchorage, KRUA-FM Anchorage