March 2015 – Now

40,000 sq. ft. media arts centre built and run by our community. A building, a bankruptcy, the lawsuits and a political scandal!

A project that dates back to the 90s, TMAC is an evolving cluster of Toronto media arts organizations who’ve come together to fight for the continuity of our small collectives and the communities we serve (including that of West Queen West, once a vibrant arts district, now a gentrified strip of bars and condos). The best way to learn about our struggle is to read the TMAC timeline page.

I joined the board as a representative of DMG, when we became a member. I served as vice-chair for several years, through our community organizing and launching of our TMACtion campaign to secure the space we built. Which we did! For two years. Then, 2020 hit and the City took the opportunity to remove us. Now, we’re in the process of finding a new home as well as holding the City to account for their mishandling of this community benefit, and their intransigence in dealing with us.

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